Christian IV – Den sidste rejse

Christian IV

Photo: Jason Idris Alami
Feature film, 2018
Directed by Kasper Kalle
Written by Kasper Kalle and Trine Appel

C4 (prev.: Jeg, Christian) is a lowbudget feature film concept about the last day in the life of Danish king, Christian IV – told from inside a carriage.


1648. King Christian IV of Denmark is very ill. His dying wish is to end his days in his beloved Copenhagen and thus embarks on a journey to the capital by horse and carriage. He sends for his ex-wife Kirsten – whom he had imprisoned after they divorced under violent circumstances. Christian wants Kirsten to sign a document claiming that she is guilty of betrayal as an act of restoration for the king and promises her freedom in return. But once being reunited with the person he has loved and hated the most throughout his volatile life, the past is set on fire. The film dives into the tempestuous marriage between Christian and Kirsten, from falling in love to bitter hatred, intrigue and sin.


C4 is a drama about being reconciled with the one you hate and love the most.

DIRECTOR Kasper Skovsbøl WRITERS Kasper Skovsbøl, Trine Appel PRODUCER Claudia Saginario CAST Baard Owe, Karen-Lise Mynster, Rudi Köhnke, Rosalinde Mynster, Peter Plaugborg, Gustav Dyekjær Giese, Brigitte Christensen, May Lifschitz CINEMATOGRAPHER Catherine Pattinama Coleman PRODUCTION DESIGN Josephine Farsø COSTUME DESIGN Nina Grønlund and Lucie Marie Layers EDITOR Linda Man SOUND May & Palm COMPOSER Sophia Maj LINE PRODUCER Jacob Svensson