Feature film, in developement
Directed by Kasper Kalle
Written by Adam August & Kasper Kalle

Lilith applies for a job as a maid at the estate of the powerful richman Håkon. By pretending to be a poor religious woman she is hired. But nobody knows that Lillith is actually Håkon’s son, whom he brutally attempted to murder 15 years ago when Lilith did not fit into his masculine world. But Lilith escaped and changed sex, and she has now come back to revenge and kill her father.

Lilith works up in the hierarchy on the estate, and quickly she gets whirled up in Håkon’s criminal organization. As she moves closer to her father, she gets more attracted to his affection. Suddenly Lilith is in doubt whether she is able to execute her revenge.

PRODUCED BY Good Company Films DIRECTOR Kasper Kalle WRITERS Adam August & Kasper Kalle PRODUCERS Stinna Lassen & Claudia Saginario