TV-series, In development
Created by Anna Reeves

MIDNIGHTS is a fresh take on immortals, inspired by recent advances in bio/nano technologies and the longevity debate. It is set in a world that is both familiar and strange. It interweaves three key elements: real world concerns, speculative fiction, and fantasy.


The immortal people, The Midnights, are the result of ancient microbes in the polar ice that are able to live within the human body in a symbiotic relationship.

The microbes enable the Midnights to resist disease, to stop ageing, to stop sleeping, even to regenerate limbs. The great curse is that it makes them sterile, so that they have no descendants.


Season 1 follows the journey and love story of Freja and Sander – two innocent people who become the first Midnights in 500 years.


MIDNIGHTS is a TV series created by Anna Reeves