Simple Living

May 13, 2015

The book SIMPLE LIVING by Nadia Plesner has just been published by Lindhardt & Ringhof. Good Company Films has optioned the rights and look forward to turning this amazing story into a engaging journey on the big screen.


SIMPLE LIVING is Nadia Plesner’s unique story about the right to publish something as trivial as a drawing.

It is the story of how a Danish art student challenged the world’s largest fashion house Louis Vuitton – and won.


Nadia makes a drawing of an African child with a designer bag and a chihuahua and chooses to print the drawing on a T-shirt to raise money for a humanitarian organization.

The fundraising is soon brought to a halt by the fashion giant Louis Vuitton. The company finds the drawing to be an infringement of their trademark and drags Nadia to court first in Paris and subsequently in Haag.


SIMPLE LIVING is about a young woman who travels abroad to follow her dreams, but is kept down by artistic restrictions, destructive love and a disabling accident. It is the story of how she fights back and six years later ends up speaking at the UN as an advocate for freedom of artistic expression.


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or on Nadia Plesner’s own website